Healing Star

Astrology & Kundalini Yoga
Connecting Body, Mind & Soul

This is the time and the age to heal and make conscious decisions about your life.

Astrology can help you understand the different parts in yourself and connect to the Self, by learning how to work with your planetary imprint.

Kundalini Yoga is a powerful tool to balance the nervous and endocrine systems and to integrate spirit into matter. To live a healthy, happy and holy life.


Understand your soul’s path and evolutionary intention through your personal chart. If you wish I can suggest a yoga practice according to your chart.

Study Astrology

Study astrology with both modern and ancient approaches and techniques, personal attention and fascinating material. I’ll also prepare you for the ISAR certification.

Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga practice is an ancient knowledge adapted to modern western living. This is the yoga of awareness.
The Prenatal Eclipse

The Prenatal Eclipse

When we look at the known history of astrology, eclipses were always there as a powerful technique for prediction. They were considered as critical times, in which things can be changed dramatically. In modern astrology, we give more importance to the personal...

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Heartbeat is a Mantra CD – Chant to Change and Transform

Meditation for Happiness

Posture: Sit in a peaceful meditative pose. Eyes: Keep the eyes 1/16 open. Mudra: Men form Shuni Mudra with the left hand (thumb and middle finger touch), and Surya Mudra with the right hand (thumb and ring finger touch). Women reverse the mudras. Rest the hands on...

Meditation to Melt Negativity

Mudra: Sit in Easy Pose, with a straight spine. Bend the ring and pinkie fingers into the palm, and hold them down with the thumb. Extend the index  and middle fingers straight up, and hold them straight, side by side. Place this mudra about 2 feet to either side of...

Cross Heart Kirtan Kriya Meditation

Cross Heart Kirtan Kriya Meditation

Cross-Heart Kirtan Kriya Taught by Yogi Bhajan Mudra: Sit straight. Cross the forearms, below the wrists, and hold them in front of the chest. Arms are out slightly, palms up and a little toward the chest. Look down at the tip of the nose. Mantra: Begin to chant: Saa...

Healing the wounds of Love

I deeply believe that things in life have the precise moment they need to manifest. I've seen this happening so many times in my life, in such a subtle way, that one have to really be in deep listening to understand and see this moment. sometimes it's right in your...

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