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Scorpio Solar Eclipse October 23rd | Healing star Astrology & Kundalini Yoga

The upcoming partial solar eclipse in Scorpio will be the last eclipse in this sign until 2022. The eclipse is going to be on October 23, 2014 at 21:44:31 UT. (It will be October 24th in some places).

The eclipses of 2014 are all on the Nodes of the moon which are currently in Aries (south node) and Libra (north node). This means that themes like relationships of all kinds, peace and war, me vs. we, are emphasized in our lives, and we are learning to overcome the gaps and live with the other, bridge polarities.

The 0 degree Scorpio solar eclipse will conjunct Venus and the asteroid Pallas Athene and trine Neptune. This eclipse can bring many breakthroughs and transformations, especially in relationships, as well as world economy, female status, women in politics and more but will also have a strong healing effect.

Around the time of the eclipse we can feel the need to complete cycles in our lives, releasing people and memories from the past, so we can give a chance for something new to enter. It doesn’t have to be a total change, but can also bring something within us to change form, release a believe that doesn’t serve us anymore, or a habit (Venus). Maybe we can find out that our value system was build on conditioning that are not reflecting our true nature, so we will need to be open to move on to a different way and a new cycle. Sometimes it’s really about reinventing ourselves.

The 0 degree of the eclipse emphasizes this need to try new things, explore other ways of being true to our needs and values. We will test our boundaries and our old stories. These stories are full with emotional dramas, rejection, low self esteem, defensiveness and manipulations so nobody will be able to hurt us anymore. These are the old excuses to stay in our emotional swamp. But now, with the eclipse’s energetic gate, these stories can change their shape and we have the opportunity to heal relationships, our self worth and wounded sexuality. This energy is also working physically, and can effect the elimination organs or the sexual organs. It’s a good time to eat less acidic food and even make a cleansing for the body.

Pallas Athene conjunct the eclipse and Venus can bring healing to the feminine energy. Globally it can raise issues like the place of women in society and politics, sexual abuse of women and we can see powerful women take a stand and get more power. Personally each one of us, men included, can work on balancing and healing the feminine quality within, relationships with women, sexual issues and how to be sexual without loosing our power, being sexual to empower.

If we speak about strong women and politics, the eclipse is conjunct Hillary Clinton’s natal Sun in 2 degrees Scorpio, so we can expect news about her inObama Announces Appointments Of Clinton, Gates, Nat'l Security Team the upcoming year, maybe connected to the next elections for the USA presidency (Pallas Athena is also about politics). Anyway she became a grandmother recently (Sun= Children, the next generation). An eclipse conjunct the Sun can put us on the spotlights, and in Scorpio to give us power or to take it. So it will be interesting to follow her in the next year…

It’s also interesting to look back on eclipse’s cycles. In Israel for example, on the last time there was the same solar eclipse in Scorpio 19 years ago (Metonic cycle),  a very traumatic event happened – the assassination of Israel’s then prime minister, Yitzhak rabin, who was assassinated by a right wing extremist after a peace rally on November 4th 1995. The eclipse then squared Israel’s natal moon in Leo in the 10th house, and caused a deep crisis within the Israeli people and the left and right wings and effected also the peace process (Oslo accords). Hopefully there won’t be another similar event, but this cycle can bring up  things from the previous event to the surface and open them up again.

The eclipse will be important for you if you have any planets or points in early degrees of fixed signs (Scorpio, Taurus, Leo and Aquarius) or in late degrees of cardinal signs (Libra, Aries, Cancer and Capricorn). Those who were born between 24 October 2015 to beginning of april 1996 will have and important year as well. The eclipse will be seen in Canada and USA.

at the time of the eclipse you can send your intentions for healing. Here’s a Kundalini yoga meditation that you can practice to transform and release: